I share my lessons about how “Our future is shaped by our past”, that “Imposter syndrome is normal”, why you should not “be scared to look in the mirror” and more with the 10 Lessons Learned podcast hosted by Jeffery Wang.

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Episode Note
Lesson 1: Life is full of patterns that we continuously repeat 03:05
Lesson 2: Your family will always be your biggest cheers squad 06:32
Lesson 3: Our future is shaped by our past 10:47
Lesson 4: If you’re not networking, you’re not working 13:55
Lesson 5: Imposter syndrome is normal 17:52
Lesson 6: Don’t be scared to look in the mirror 20:59
Lesson 7: Embrace negative capability 23:49
Lesson 8: Invest in ‘me’ time 25:52
Lesson 9: Stay hungry, stay foolish 26:55
Lesson 10: The best way to bond is over food 29:17