Karen Loon recently spoke to Liselotte Hägertz Engstam ♦️, NED, Board Chair and Founder of Digoshen about her book, Fostering Culturally Diverse Leadership in Organisations.

The podcast recording focuses on Karen’s journey, insights from her book, and approaches she finds useful for top companies, leaders, and boards.

“So what I would say for, particularly for directors, is we have a role to make sure that we balance the performance expectations of our people, with the people side. But also to try and really make sure that we understand how our people feel. Because how our people feel will impact how they behave.”- Karen Loon

They discussed the following:

➡️ About Karen Loon and how it all started
➡️ Why Karen wrote the book
➡️ About identity, including social and personal
➡️ How companies’ focus on diversity has changed
➡️ What the Bamboo Ceiling means
➡️ Culturally diverse leaders
➡️ How Boards and leaders need to act
➡️ Karen’s recommendations