Fostering culturally diverse leadership….with Karen Loon (The Culture Ministry)

Karen Loon spoke to Lisa Mulligan of The Culture Ministry, host of the podcast ‘A Dog Called Diversity’.

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In this episode we speak with Karen Loon, author of Fostering Culturally Diverse Leadership in Organisations: Lessons from those who smashed the bamboo ceiling.

She interweaves solid research with her own and the personal experiences of other Asian-Australian and Asian leaders. The end result is a contemporary and relevant understanding of the challenges of Asian leaders, including how their family and home life informs their work life, which is often not considered when considering diversity in organisations.

With the focus of the book is on developing culturally diverse leaders in our organisations we thought the chapter on a roadmap for individuals wanting to supercharge their career (chapter 9) and the chapter on a roadmap for organisations wanting to increase cultural diversity in their leadership (chapter 10) were the most practical and could be easily implemented by individuals and diversity & inclusion leaders wanting to make progress.